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This series is about dreams and nightmares I have that at the same time are charming and curious. In those Dreams/Nightmares I feel scared but at the same time delighted like if the terrifying feeling is something that gives me the sense of adventure. Most of the time I would wake up and feel happy that I "lived" such experience in my dreams. So with the advent of VR and game engines such Unreal Engine 4, combined with services like Quixel, I wanted to recreate most of these experiences and let people play as an entertaining video game with a pinch of creativity and cinematic effects to make the whole thing feel more complete. For example, adding cinematic and atmospheric music, some easter eggs, additional actions to take and game mechanics to let the player not feel bored but more engaged. All this possibly playable in VR to let you feel completely immersed.

GamePlay Length: The gameplay length will not take you hours of to complete the experience since it's going to portrait what I can remember of my dreams. Which isn't something that long in general On the other hand, I'll be adding more dynamic elements to the gameplay and possibly procedural generated parts of some levels/maps to make it at least re playable a few times where the objective and environment changes to let you feel like you've never been in such places.

As a side note, I'm an Indie game developer, this project is aimed to hopefully bring some financial resources to work on bigger, longer and more ambitious games.

If you feel generous and want to help. I've made a Patreon page where I give access to some more "secret" information about future plans and even alpha/beta versions you can try before official release. Here you can join as a Patreon if you like.

PATREON:  https://www.patreon.com/miljan_bojovic

Have a great day!  :)

Miljan Bojovic

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